Thursday, 29 December 2016

DIABETES: The Silent Killer

Commonly referred to as Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a group of metabolic diseases in which the blood sugar (glucose) level is very high over an extended period of time. It is basically a flaw in the body’s ability to convert glucose to energy. Having too much glucose in your blood can cause severe problems. It can also cause heart disease while eyes, kidneys, and nerves are the most prominent areas affected by Diabetes.

MIR-X Diabetes Remedy by MIRIC biotech Limited is made up of unadulterated herbs and is extremely helpful for patients experiencing Diabetes and its related issues. It not only diminishes the odds of creating Diabetes at beginning stages, but destroys all its related causes from the root.

Do you want to know that how we give birth to diabetes?
The food is transformed into macro nutrients (fat, protein & carbohydrates) after digestion. Carbohydrates are responsible for affecting blood sugars as these are converted to glucose when digested. Glucose is then transferred to the blood and is used by the cells for energy. Insulin (hormone) which is produced by beta cells in the pancreas is responsible for transferring the glucose from blood into the cells. When the pancreas fails to produce sufficient quantities of insulin and gives to diabetes. 

There are two main types of diabetes:
Type 1 diabetes results when insulin produced is defective or pancreas fails to produce enough insulin. Formerly, it was referred to as “insulin dependent diabetes” or “juvenile diabetes”. It occurs most frequently in children and young adults, although it can occur at any age.
Type 2 diabetes is more common and it begins with insulin resistance, a state in which cells fail to respond to insulin. In the course of time lack of insulin may develop. It primarily affects adults, however recently Type 2 has begun developing in children. There is a strong correlation between Type 2 diabetes, physical inactivity and obesity.

Symptoms of diabetes –
You may want to ask your doctor to test your blood sugar if you have more than one of these symptoms –
·         a. Polyuria (increased urination)
·         b. Polydipsia (increased thirst)
·         c. Polyphagia (increased hunger)
·         d. Blurred vision
·         e. Rapid weight loss
·         f. Unexplained tiredness
·         g. Slow-healing cuts
·         h. Erectile dysfunction

How to determine whether you have diabetes?
There are mainly 3 possible tests:

A1C test –
·         Less than 5.7% means Normal
·         5.77% – 5.99% means prediabetes
·         Greater than 6.5% means diabetes

The FPG (fasting plasma glucose) test
·         less than 100 mg/dl means normal
·         between 100 mg/dl and 125.99 mg/dl means pre diabetes
·         at least 126 mg/dl means diabetes

The OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test) 
·         less than 140 mg/dl means normal
·         between 140 and 199.9 mg/dl means pre diabetes
·         at least 200 mg/dl means diabetes


Magic Treatment for diabetes: MIR-X Diabetes Remedy (The best way to control Diabetes Rat)
Diabetes treatments are designed in such a way that it can control the sugar levels in the blood and we don’t have to go through such tests.

There is no cure for diabetes, although there are many ways of keeping diabetes under control. Mir-X Diabetes Remedy of  Miric Biotech ltd is a successful prescription for the treatment of Diabetes. It is figured by M/s Miric Biotech Limited, an organization focused to provide Ayurvedic  Drugs and different types of Skin Care products in India. This Mir-X Diabetes Remedy of Miric Biotech is completely made of 100% Ayurvedic Herbs and traditionally produces Ras and Rasayans which have no reactions on any angle. No symptom reported amid clinical trials of this product.  Hence, Mir-X Diabetes Remedy of Miric Biotech ltd is 100% safe. 

In the event that you require any help as to above, you may counsel our Ayurvedcharya or visit our website.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Upset With Winter Hair falls? Miric Biotech Is Your New Best Friend

Hair loss is genuine problem for numerous women and men. The reasons behind hair loss can also have numerous Reasons. Finding the correct reason for it is significant in choosing the suitable hair fall treatment. A portion of the basic issues that trigger exorbitant falling of hair that prompt to diminishing and baldness are heredity, stretch, stress, absence of sustenance, pregnancy and labor, illnesses, side effects of prescriptions, sudden weight reduction, and menopause. Each of these reasons requires an alternate approach in treating the issue. We think that you just got your new best friend MIR-X Hair Remedy by Miric BiotechLimited the best solution for reduction in hair loss problem.

Do You Even Think?
Hair fall occurs during pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause is created by the hormonal changes occurring inside the body. The purpose behind this at the season of pregnancy is for the most part the absence of supplements in your nourishment. Since your body's nutritional requirements are on an expanded rate during this time, you have to expend more vitamins and minerals to keep up the soundness of your body and hair. Most women experience a substantial hair loss after childbirth. The reason is that during pregnancy, your hair is in a resting stage and quits developing. 

·         The level of estrogen hormone is additionally high when you are pregnant and that advances the soundness of your hair. Be that as it may, after the child is conceived, the level of estrogen all of a sudden comes back to an ordinary level and the hairs that were in the resting stage and those that had quit developing begin to fall. Hence, this does not require a specific hair fall treatment. Once the body comes back to its typical condition, new hair will develop inside six to twelve weeks. A nutritious diet likewise helps with new development. 

·         The diminishing level of estrogen causes inordinate hair loss during menopause. The best hair fall treatment for women during this day and age is hormone substitution treatment (HRT) that will renew the body with the basic female hormones that guide in hair development and control hair fall. 

It’s not only for women but we also see baldness among men, so to control these major issue avoid upsetting circumstances and eat a sound and adjusted diet. An endorsed measurement of vitamins and folic corrosive pills will be helpful. 

·         Hair fall as a side impact of meds taken for different sicknesses and maladies is a typical marvel. A few drugs and treatment techniques for growth, gout, hypertension, heart maladies, and different sicknesses will prompt to exorbitant hair loss. Thyroid maladies may precipitate this issue. Hormonal irregular characteristics and expanded body warmth are two noteworthy explanations behind hair loss in these conditions.

Alternative Treatment for Hair Baldness and Falling

MIR-X Hair Remedy is a compelling solution for the treatment of Hair baldness and falling. It is defined by M/s Miric Biotech Limited, an outstanding organization of Ayurvedic Medicines and quality Skin care products working in Pan India. Produced using 100% immaculate Herbs and generally produced Ras and Rasayans, hence have no side effects, it is absolutely a Herbal Ayurvedic Remedy. Mir-X Hair Remedy by Miric Biotech is valuable particularly for patients suffering from Hair and its related issues. It not just lessens the odds of creating Hair issues at introductory stages, additionally kills all its related issues from the root. MIR-X Hair Remedy by Miric Biotech ltd is 100 % also been accounted for during clinical trials of this item. 


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