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DIABETES: The Silent Killer

Commonly referred to as Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a group of metabolic diseases in which the blood sugar (glucose) level is very high over an extended period of time. It is basically a flaw in the body’s ability to convert glucose to energy. Having too much glucose in your blood can cause severe problems. It can also cause heart disease while eyes, kidneys, and nerves are the most prominent areas affected by Diabetes.
MIR-X Diabetes Remedy by MIRIC biotech Limitedis made up of unadulterated herbs and is extremely helpful for patients experiencing Diabetes and its related issues. It not only diminishes the odds of creating Diabetes at beginning stages, but destroys all its related causes from the root.
Do you want to know that how we give birth to diabetes? The food is transformed into macro nutrients (fat, protein & carbohydrates) after digestion. Carbohydrates are responsible for affecting blood sugars as these are converted to glucose when digested. Glucose is then transferred to t…

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