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Simple, Safe & Effective Remedies for Scabies With Miric Biotech Ltd.

Also referred as the seven year itch is a contagious skin disease which is caused by Sarcoptes scabiei virus and accordingly, patients catch the disease through contact with crevasses of the body, other sufferers or their personal items. The disease generally spreads through the body parts such as; the Waist Area, Elbows, Hips, Genital Area, below the knee, underarm area, the Breasts, groin, or finger webs.
It often spreads during a relatively long period of time ‘say 10 minutes at least’ of direct skin contact with an infected person such as during the sex. Areas where there is less reach of water are more are more vulnerable to diseases while the face, neck, head, scalp, palms, soles of the feet, and lips are usually not affected, except infants or young children.
Direct Skin Contact Physical ContactSharing the Same Clothing, towels, pillows (Sometimes)
Adverse itchiness and rashes are some common symptoms of scabies and sometimes tiny burrows can be seen in the s…

‘Simple, Inexpensive & Effective’ Best Home Remedies for Pink Eye With Miric Biotech Ltd.

Pink Eye or Conjunctivitis?

The Inflammation of theoutermost layer of the white part of the eyeand the inner surface of theeyelid will be termed as Pink Eye a.k.a Conjunctivitis which causes red, puffy, itchy, pain, burning, watery eyes, scratchiness and thick yellow discharge from the eyes. Conjunctivitis can affect one or both eyes, while it usually a benign self-limiting illness not causing any lasting eye damage but you might probably need some aid from your doctor in the form of anti-bacterial drugs Allergies, dryness and other irritants are common causes however the two most common causes of conjunctivitis are viral and bacterial infectionsthat can be prolonged and is not always easy to determine whether simple, acute conjunctivitis is bacterial, viral or allergic while it usually clears up within a day or two.
Symptoms ØTearing Ømild photophobia Øsoreness in the conjunctiva Øthick discharge rather than watery ØSwelling
Diagnosis However it is difficult sometimes to make a firm diagnosis …