Obesity –its occurrence, causes and Ayurvedic Treatment

Despite the fact that there are different reasons for corpulence depicted in restorative science and it might happen as a continuation of some other ailment, Ayurevdic writings have portrayed Obesity happening through deviation in eating and living propensities. Yes a man who eats much, takes sweet, substantial, frosty and greasy eating routine and enjoys day resting and maintains a strategic distance from physical work is inclined to be a casualty of stoutness. Hereditary element too is a reason for stoutness. 

Side effects of Obesity – How to realize that one is corpulent

Restorative science characterizes corpulence on parameters of tallness and weight. Ayurvedic writings hold that in heftiness there is hampering in development, trouble in sex, debility, foul smell from the body, over sweating, abundance of yearning and thirst. Stoutness abbreviates life range of a man.
Heftiness does not make the individual his casualty who has adjusted extent of muscles, conservativeness, and solidness in organs. The individual having adjusted musculature has got resilience for yearning, thirsts, the sun, the frosty and activity adjusted agni and digestion system.
Stoutness tips for its administration – Ayurvedic treatment for weight

-         That eating routine which is overwhelming in assimilation and has desaturating impact checks corpulence.
       Keep in mind that for checking corpulence use taking after headings.

         Regular utilization of Triphala i.e powder of harad, bahera and amla helps in checking corpulence.
         Use of old nectar i.e. one year or more makes a man incline and thin while utilization of crisp nectar makes a man fat.

·         Persons experiencing weight ought not drink water with suppers rather they ought to bring water blended with old nectar.

·         Obesity casualty ought to maintain a strategic distance from sleek eating regimen and ought to take harsh eating regimen.

·         Flour of grain's chapatti is a shelter for fat people.

·         Hot sustenance checks heftiness and frosty nourishment advances weight.

·         Regular utilization of Amla aides in controlling weight.

·         Fresh wine, new meat and new oats advance weight, maintain a strategic distance from it.

·         Ghee, milk and sugarcane items upgrade force of heftiness; Take these things in least amount.

·         Physical work, additional vigils checks corpulence

·         Use of agnimantha (a herb) juice with shilajit is helpful in heftiness

·         Use of juice or decoction of giloye (Tinospora cordifolia) with nectar lessens corpulence accommodating in weight

·         Powder of vidang chitrak and nagarmotha is useful in stoutness

·         Powder of shunthi, dark pepper and pipali helps in checking stoutness

·         Curd causes corpulence while spread milk with evacuated margarine checks heftiness.

·         Takrarishta a readiness made through maturation procedure of spread milk helps in decreasing additional fats in individual experiencing heftiness

·         Dals of kulath, moth and adhki (arhar) are valuable in stoutness

·         Iron arrangements made with triphla, trikatu like medoharvidagidi lauh helps in checking heftiness

·         A individual who cleans up day by day before dawn gets life span and does not get stoutness

·         Regular purging of the body through pertinent panchkarma forms help in checking corpulence


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