Mir-x Diabetes: Natural remedy to reverse Diabetes

In today's nerve-racking modern living, occurrence of Diabetes is definitely increasing. Every now and then we come across patients of Diabetes looking for Ayurvedic treatment and advice. Diabetes, often referred to by doctors as diabetes mellitus, outlines a group of metabolic diseases in which the person has high blood glucose in body, either because insulin production is insufficient, or because the body's cells do not respond perfectly to insulin, or both. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder in which the body is unable to make proper use of glucose resulting in hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) and glycosuria (sugar in urine).

Quick facts about diabetes:

      Ø  As per the sources, estimated 8.1 million people in the United States have diabetes & don't even know it.
Ø  Over time, diabetes may lead to blindness, kidney failure, and nerve damage.

Ø  Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States listed on death certificates in recent years.

Symptoms of Diabetes

Ø  Weight loss,
Ø  Hunger,
Ø  Fatigue,
Ø  Skin problems
Ø  Slow healing wounds,
Ø  Yeast infections and
Ø  Tingling or numbness in the feet

The good news is that diabetes prevention has greatly improved. Miric Biotech Ltd. offers ayurvedic products which helps in preventing diabetes.

Natural Ayurvedic remedies by Miric Biotech Limited

In Ayurveda, Diabetes Mellitus is regarded as Madhumeha (Madhu means ‘honey’ and Meha means ‘urine’). Medhumeha is classified as Vataj Meha (a problem caused by aggravation of Vata or Air). According to Ayurveda There are 20 forms of Diabetes (Prameha):

v  4 are due to Vata,
v  6 result from Pitta, and
v  10 are caused by Kapha.

Ayurveda does not conisder Diabetes as a disease that can be treated by mere medicines or by a dietary regimen. Madhumeha is classified as a Maha Rog (Major Disease) because, it can lead to several complications in the body such as eye problems, joint pains, impotency, kidney failure, sexual and urologic problems, and more. So it is necessary to treat it on time. The treatment recommended in Ayurveda – as against modern medicine – is aimed at revitalizing the body to not only balance sugar levels, but also ensuring that no further complication is caused.
The Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes is based on an entire change in the lifestyle of a person. Along with medication and diet, the patient is also advised to lead a healthy lifestyle and live an active life.

MIR-x Diabetes Remedy to Cure Diabetes

Mir-X Diabetes Remedy is planned by Miric Biotech Limited, a renowned company dedicated to produce Ayurvedic Medicines and other personal care products in India.
Mir-X Diabetes Remedy is an exceptionally effective remedy to deal with patients suffering from Diabetes and its related issues. It not just minimizes the probability of creating Diabetes at early stage but eradicates all its related issues from the root. Mir-X Diabetes is produced using 100% unadulterated Herbs and customarily made Ras and Rasayans.

Mir-X Diabetes Remedy is 100% protected as no reactions have been encountered during amid clinical trials of this product. You can be sure of quality and effective results.


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