The nativity of Jaundice arises from blood. When bilirubin (a yellow compound) is found in blood in excess amounts then it signals Jaundice. As a result of presence of this yellow compound patient’s skin, nails, eyes and urine starts turning yellow along with a multiple other disorders. Jaundice is predominantly attacks new born babies; however, it happens in adults as well. For new born babies in certain cases it may get cured automatically in a couple of weeks; nevertheless it can lure serious effects on brain if bilirubin exaggerates.

Causes of Jaundice
Bilirubin is in a close association to RCBs (Red Blood Cells) as it is formed when the process of old or distorted blood cells takes place. It merges in bloodstream and is transported to liver. Bilirubin is meant for excretion either with stool or urine when it reacts with bile and released through bile ducts. The resultant is jaundice when the yellow compound, Bilirubin, stays in blood and gets deposited to skin. If the amount of bilirubin magnifies in excess then it can damage brain and this situation is prominent in new bees.

Symptoms of Jaundice

Jaundice is quiet a revealing disease as the persistence of yellowing skin and other parts strikes of the disorder. It is crucial to get the blood test done to mark the identification of this disease. In certain cases jaundice can prove fatal. Following are the major symptoms that direct the presence of jaundice:
·         Yellowish skin
·         Fever
·         Weakness
·         Abdominal pain
·         Dark urine
·         Yellow nails and eyes
·         Nausea
The effects of jaundice last long for at least 10 days and can go up to 20 days.

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